Safari overview.

One of the most memorable days of one’s life is taking time off to visit Uganda for a wildlife and gorilla trip. Keep tubs of some of the largest primate species in the world, four of the big five cats, rare plant species, birds, Ugandan waters, and more in eight days. In the eight days, you visit three of the country’s diverse national parks in the west.

East of the African continent, in Uganda are a variety of lakes, rivers, mountains and half of the remaining mountain gorillas in the world. You can visit Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, and Lake Mburo National Park on this safari. Lake Mburo is known for its impalas. The trip starts and ends at the agreed point.

Detailed tour.

Day 1: Arrive and explore Kampala.

This eight-day safari in Uganda gains meaning once you are familiar with Kampala. The largest and oldest capital, Kampala is home to a wide range of historical and cultural attractions. City people are constantly busy, but they pay close attention to every call from a visitor. They are friendly and eager to make new acquaintances.

The tour guide will take you through the city and to some of the notable locations, including the National Museum and Owino Market, where you can buy some souvenirs for the countryside. You will return to the hotel in the evening for dinner and a snooze after experiencing the city vibe.

Day 2: Kampala to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Kick start your morning with a delicious breakfast meal at the lodge, and thereafter hit the road on a 9-11-hour drive, through a maram and tarmac road, in the country side. You will traverse happy Ugandans, busying towns, breathtaking landscapes, and more.

Enroute stopover will be for lunch and refreshment. The forest will usher you to the home of half of the total mountain Gorillas in the world. End the day with a heavy dinner meal and a peaceful nap.

Day 3: Gorillas trekking.

After a filling breakfast at the lodge, proceed to the sector headquarters where you’ll be greeted by a ranger guide, get your identification checked, go over the dos and don’ts of trekking, and be assigned to the gorilla troop you’ll be tracking. After that, you will be joined for the search, which will begin at the location where the gorillas were last seen. This can take anything from 1 to 8 hours, depending on how far the apes have traveled.

Add another hour for capturing pictures and learning more about the apes of the jungle. You will then head back to the resort for lunch before checking out and departing for Queen Elizabeth National Park, the most popular safari location in Uganda. Arrive at your park lodge and check in for some relaxation, dinner, and sleep.

Day 4: Game drive and Sunset boat cruise.

After sleeping in, have a hearty breakfast at the lodge before setting out on a satisfying 3- to 4-hour wildlife game drive through the Kisenyi wilderness. a habitat for a wide range of predators and prey, including lions, leopards, warthogs, African elephants, cape buffaloes, giraffes, and others. From the beginning to the finish of the trip, you should keep an eye out for birds, primates, and unusual plant species.

After the game drive, there will be a picnic lunch and sunset boat tour along Kazinga channel, which is home to a school of hippos, crocodiles, various aquatic birds and a number of thirsty mammals, including waterbucks and elephants. After dinner and an evening snooze at the lodge, call it a day.

Day 5: Lion tracking and birdwatching experience.

Start your day by focusing on the birds and listening to their soothing songs. There are almost 500 bird species on the checklist, of which 23 are native to the Albertine region. The first 4-5 hours will be spent recognizing the various bird species that can be seen flying through the air or at nests. These include, among others, the Rwenzori Turacos, crested cranes, and the Kori bustard.

After the experience, you will have a lunch break, some refreshments, and then a sunset lion tracking, which is a surefire way to see lions and get pictures of them. You will return to the lodge for dinner and a restful siesta after the activity, which lasts for around three to four hours.

Day 6: Queen Elizabeth National Park to Lake Mburo NP.

Your trip to Lake Mburo National Park will begin after a fantastic breakfast at the lodge. You will ride comfortably to the park, going over a picturesque path filled with small farms, lush foliage and rolling hills. Arrive content and cheerfully. Check into your lodge for refreshment. Later, have dinner and have a pleasant siesta.

Day 7: Game drive in Lake Mburo and boat cruise.

After a hearty breakfast at the resort, proceed on a 3- to 4 hours’ game drive through the pristine Lake Mburo area. Several antelope species, including warthogs, oribis, waterbuck, zebras, Impalas—the largest antelope in the world, buffaloes, and more—dominate the Lake Mburo national park. It is safe to get out of the car and approach the animals while they graze, relax and engage in a variety of other activities.

After the game drive, return to the lodge for lunch before embarking on a two-hour boat tour. A group of hippos, crocodiles, and numerous water birds, including the endangered shoebill stock, white-winged barber, African fin foot, Ross’s turaco, long-tailed cisticola, white-tailed pelican, saddle-billed stork, and others, may be found in Lake Mburo. The Rubanga forest, Warukiri, and Miriti wetland are the locations for the bird watching excursion.

Day 8: Departure.

After a hearty breakfast at the resort, check out and drive to the Kampala or Entebbe international airport, depending on where you are being dropped off. You will stop at the Igongo Cultural Center, which is home to cultural art and the western Uganda experience, en route. You will eat lunch at Igongo hotel before traveling to the equator to see it in person. The equator is a line that separates the earth’s surface into northern and southern hemispheres.

End of safari.