This 20 days’ safari will take you to the wonderful places of Uganda such as Mabamba wetlands, lake Mburo national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Budongo forest, Entebbe botanical gardens, Bigodi wetlands among others as you spot beautiful, unique creatures in the natural habitats. On top of birds you will trek gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable national park which is a home of the remaining endangered mountain gorillas.

Day 1: Pick up from Entebbe airport and transfer to the hotel

Upon reaching Entebbe international airport, you will be welcomed by a professional guide in birds who will transfer you to the hotel and make a stopover at Entebbe botanical gardens to spot unique birds such as Olive Bellied, Green Throated Collard Sunbird, Black Headed Weavers, Yellow Backed and Golden Backed Weavers, Diederik Cuckoo, Ashy Flycatcher, Palm Nut Vulture and much more. Later transfer to the hotel for accommodation.

Accommodation options: Dream guest house/ Airport guest inn/ 2Friends beach hotel

Day 2: Mabamba wetland and transfer to Lake Mburo NP

After your breakfast, you will drive to Mabamba wetlands as you have packed plenty of water and packed lunch. Here you will be using canoes in the swamp trails to search for rare shoe billed stork, African Pygmy Goose, Squacco Heron, Winding Cisticola, malachite kingfisher, Goliath Heron and Black Crake, black bishop, and more. You will take transfer to Lake Mburo national park for your overnight and dinner.

Accommodation options: Rwakobo rock lodge/Mihingo lodge/Eagles nest lodge

Day 3: Birding in lake Mburo NP

Enjoy your breakfast, as you prepare for a morning game drive following numerous tracks in the park. You will return for lunch and continue with birding in different trails till evening when you return back to your lodge. You have chances to view animals like impalas, topis, elephants, zebras but keep your eyes on the birds such as Black-headed Oriole, White-backed Scrub Robin, Bateleur, Ruppel’s Long-tailed Starling, Common Bulbul, Brown Parrot, Ruppel’s Griffon Vulture, Grey Hornbill, White-browed Coucal, Lesser Masked Weaver, Water Thick-knee, Wood Hoopoe, Verreux’s Eagle Owl, Woodland Kingfisher, Yellow-billed Oxpecker, Little Bee-eater, Chinspot, Tawny Eagle, Senegal Lapwing, Plain-backed Pipit, Greater Honeyguide, Sooty Chat, Tawny-flanked Prinia, Red-faced Crombec, Brown-tailed, Bronze-tailed Starlings, Northern Brubru, Grey Kestrel, Coqui Francolin, Broad-billed Roller, Grassland Pipit, and Golden-breasted Bunting and much more. Return to the lodge for your accommodation.

Accommodation options: Rwakobo rock lodge/Mihingo lodge/Eagles nest lodge

Day 4: Transfer to Bwindi national park

Check out of your safari lodge after your early morning breakfast and set out to look for the birds you dint see last day. You will later transfer to Bwindi in Ruhiija sector, have a stopover in Mbarara town to stretch your legs and have an Enroute lunch. You will proceed to Bwindi check in the lodge and head for and evening birding venture as you try to discover more birds in the pearl of Africa. Expect to see birds such as Green broadbill, Archer’s Robbin Chat, Handsome Francolin, Strange Weaver, the Grauer’s Rush Warbler, Grey Cuckoo-shrike, Chetnut-throated, and Mountain masked Apalis, Black-billed, Great Blue, and Rwenzori Turaco, Mountain Illadopsis, African Hill-Babbler, Yellow-streaked, Shelley’s, Red-tailed, Mountain Yellow Warbler, Yellow-throated, Blue-headed Sunbirds Mountain and Honeyguide Greenbuls, Purple-breasted, Regal, and Rwenzori Double Collared among others.

Accommodation option: Bakiga lodge/Broadbill Forest Camp

Day 5: Birding in Bwindi national park

After your early breakfast, you will penetrate the impenetrable in search of unique bird species in the rain forested trees. You will have a break to take your packed lunch as you continue to search for more undiscovered bids. Expect to see birds such as Specialty birds include; Black-faced Rufous Warbler, Grauer’s Warbler, Banded Prinia, Black-faced Apalis, Black-throated Apalis, Mountain Masked Apalis, Red-throated Alethe, Yellow-eyed Black-Flycatcher, Ashy Flycatcher, Dusky-blue Flycatcher, Chapin’s Flycatcher, Sooty Boubou, Chin-spot Batis, Rwenzori Batis, Black-and-white Shrike-flycatcher, Northern Double-collared Sunbird, Grey-headed Sunbird, Pink-footed Puffback, Doherty’s Bush-shrike, White-naped Raven, Rwenzori Nightjar, Montane Oriole, Waller’s Starling,African Golden Oriole, Black-billed Weaver, Stuhlmann’s Starling, Narrow-tailed Starling, Strange Weaver, Brown-capped Weaver, Dusky Crimsonwing, Magpie Mannikin, Shelly’s Crimsonwing, Mackinnon’s Fiscal, Streaky Seedeater, Yellow-crowned Canary, African Green Broadbill, Ayre’s Hawk-eagle, Thick- billed Seedeater, Handsome Francolin, Black-billed Turaco, Red-chested Owlet, Barred Long-tailed Cuckoo, Elliot’s Woodpecker, Bar-tailed Trogon, Black Bee-eater, (Western) Bronze-naped Pigeon, Tullberg’s Woodpecker, African Broadbill, Western Green Tinkerbird and much more. Return to your lodge in the evening for dinner and overnight as you prepare for the next day.

 Accommodation options: Bakiga lodge/Broadbill Forest Camp

Day 6: Gorilla trekking in Bwindi national park

Wake up for another interesting day as you enter the jungle to search for endangered species after your breakfast. Bwindi is one of the national parks that harbors the remaining number of the endangered mountain gorillas. This activity involves walking in the jungle in search for apes. It takes 2 hours including hour of interaction with the mountain gorilla, you will enjoy the daily activity of these animals such as feeding grooming, young ones swinging on the tree branches and vines. This is an experience you don’t need to miss on your safari to Uganda. Trek back to the lodge for your dinner and overnight.

Accommodation options: Ruhija Gorilla Camp/Gorilla Mist Camp/Broadbill Forest Camp

Day 7: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth NP

Check out of your hotel room after your delicious hot breakfast and transfer to Ishasha sector in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth national ark. Check into your lodge after reaching the destination, relax for few hours before your lunch. Have lunch and after walk in the gardens of the lodge to search for the birds in a leisure way. Have dinner and prepare for the next adventurous day.

Accommodation options: Ishasha wilderness Camp/ Enjojo Lodge/Topi lodge

Day 8: Birding in Queen Elizabeth NP and afternoon boat cruise

Wake up very early in the morning to catch up the early morning birds after your breakfast.  You will be careful to search for different unique bird species in different trails of the park with an armed park ranger. Return to the lodge for lunch and head an afternoon boat cruise on kazinga channel. You will sport a schools’ hippos and crocodiles but focus on the birds such as African Skimmer, Striated Heron, African Spoonbill, Water Thick-knee, Lesser Swamp-Warbler, Three-banded Plover, Gray-headed Gull, Plain Martinand Yellow-billed Oxpecker. You will return to the lodge in the evening for dinner and retire.

Accommodation options: Mweya Safari Lodge/Enganzi Lodge/Bush lodge

Day 9: Birding in Maramagambo forest and transfer to Kibale National Park

Wake up early in the morning and take breakfast as you head to Maramagambo forest for another experience. The forest is located in Bushenyi district but part of queen Elizabeth national park. You will spot bird species such as Black Bee-eater, White-tailed and Red-tailed Ant-Thrush, Brown and Grey-chested Illadopsis, Shinning Blue Kingfisher, Brown-eared Woodpecker, Narina Trogon, Yellow-bellied and Jameson’s Wattle-eyes, Least Honeyguide, Grey Greenbul, Brown-chested Alethe, and the African Fin foot. The trail through the forest leads past a bat cave, which is rather impressive, and if we are lucky we may come across a Python that lives in the cave and feasts on the bats. Later proceed to Kibale national park, check in your lodge to prepare for the next tiresome day.

Accommodation options: Crater safari lodge/primate lodge/Chimpanzee guesthouse 

Day 10: Full day birding in Kibale national park

After having an early delicious breakfast, set off for another birding experience in Kibale forest for the whole day. You will have a break to take your packed lunch and continue watching over the unique and rare species of birds in Kibale forest. You expect to see birds like Green-breasted Pitta, Afep Pigeon, Buff-spotted, Cadinal Woodpecker, White-tailed Ant-thrush, Green-backed Twinspot, White-spotted Flufftail, Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird, Grey-winged, Red-caped Robin Chat, African Crowned Eagle, African Broadbill, Lesser, Willcock’s, Thick-billed Honeyguide, Chestnut-winged, Gross- Splendid and Purple-headed Starling, Dark-backed Weaver, Dusky Long-tailed Cuckoo, Red-headed Bluebill, Red-chested Owlet and Scaly Illadopsis and much more. Then head back to the lodge for dinner and a night.

Accommodation option: Crater safari lodge/primate lodge/Chimpanzee guesthouse 

Day 11: Birding in Kibale NP and Bigodi wetland sanctuary

Wake up to yet another beautiful day, have your breakfast and prepare for another fun of birding experience. Have your packed lunch with you and enter the forest and swamp for the whole day in search of rare bird species such as Green Breasted Pitta, The Great Blue Turaco, Cardinal Wood Pecker, African Broadbill, Afep Pigeon, White Tailed Ant-Thrush, Green Backed Twin spot, Yellow-Ramped Tinker bird, Lesser, Dusky Long-Tailed Cuckoo, Red Chested Owlet, Gross Splendid, Thick-Billed Honeyguide among others. Return to the lodge for dinner and overnight as you prepare for the next day.

Accommodation option: Crater safari lodge/primate lodge/Chimpanzee guesthouse 

Day 12: Transfer to Masindi and birding in Budongo forest (royal mile)

You will set off in search for more different bird species in royal mile with your packed lunch after your breakfast, you will continue with the such a short lunch break and probably by evening you would have seen most of the birds if not all. The birds you may see include: Yellow and Grey Longbills, Brown-eared Woodpecker, Yellow-browed Camaroptera, Blue-breasted, African Dwarf, Chocolate-backed and Pygmy Kingfisher, Crowned Eagle, Green Crombec, Chestnut-caped and Forest Flycatcher, African Shrike Flycatcher, Spotted Greenbul, Yellow-spotted, Fairy-breasted and Yellow-billed Barbets, and Jameson’s Wattle-eye among others. After a full day birding, you will return to the lodge for dinner and relaxed overnight as you prepare for tomorrow’s adventure.

Accommodation options: Budongo eco lodge/Kabalega resort/Murchison backpackers

Day 13: Full day bird watching in royal miles-Budongo forest

Wake up early with your packed lunch and continue to search for the rare beautiful birds you missed in the previous day in the royal miles after your breakfast. Enjoy anothertiresome day of experience in the forest. In the evening return to the lodge for dinner and overnight retire.

Accommodation option: Budongo eco lodge/Kabalega resort/Murchison backpackers

Day 14: Birding in Busingiro section and transfer to Murchison falls NP

On this new day, wake up and take your breakfast and head to Busingiro sector part of Budongo forest for a half day. Birds you may encounter are Red-headed Malimbe, Sooty Flycatcher, Ituri Batis, Tit Hylia, Lemon-bellied Crombec, Buff-throated Apalis, Black-throated Apalis, Chestnut Wattle-eye, Chestnut-capped Flycatcher, African Jacana Green Sunbird, Superb Sunbird, Tambourine Dove, African Fish Eagle, Sabine’s Spinetail, White-rumped Spinetail, Pied Kingfisher, Angola Swallow, Purple-headed Starling, Hamerkop, Golden-breasted Bunting, and much more. Later transfer to Murchison falls national park and check in the lodge for dinner and overnight.

Accommodation option: Para Safari Lodge/ Pakuba safari Lodge / Red Chili Rest Camp

Day 15: Game drive and birding in Murchison falls NP

Wake up very early in the morning and take breakfast, a game drive will be next in search for early morning birds. You may see cattle egrets and oxpeckers around African buffalos and many savannah birds. Return to the lodge for lunch and head to the park trails for another great moment as you listen to the sounds of birds.

Accommodation option: Para Safari Lodge/ Pakuba safari lodge / Red Chili Rest Camp

Day 16: Launch trip and hike to the top of the falls

Enjoy your breakfast in the morning as you prepare for another excite moment on the Nile. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of aquatic birds they create on large numbers on the banks. Hike to the top of the falls as you view the magnificent and most powerful water fall in the world as you take photos of beautiful creatures such as Kingfishers, White Faced Whistling Duck, Secretary Bird, Abdim’s Stork, African Darter, Goliath Heron among others. you will drive back to lodge for dinner and overnight.

Accommodation options: Para Safari Lodge/ Sambiya River Lodge / Red Chili Rest Camp

Day 17: Birding in Murchison national park

Wake up and have your breakfast as you head in the savannah to search for the missed birds in the previous day. Murchison falls national park is a home of both savannah and water birds and on top of that is the largest conservation area in Uganda.

Abundant birds can be seen here, including Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird, Cliff Chat, Singing Cisticola, rey headed Bush Shrike, African Fin foot, Red-backed Shrike, Crested Francolin, Black-faced Waxbill, Namaqua Dove, Northern and Black-winged Red Bishops Black Bellied Fire finch, Green-winged Pytilia, Black-headed Bush Shrike and much more. Return to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

Accommodation options: Para Safari Lodge/ Sambiya River Lodge / Red Chili Rest Camp

Day 18: Birding in Kanio pabidi section in Budongo forest and transfer to Masindi

Wake up and take and early breakfast and bird through the woodlands southwards towards Kanio Pabide sector of Budongo forest. This forest is also a home of chimps. Later in the evening, you will tyransfer to Masindi town for an overnight. Birds you may expect to see are Slender-billed Greenbul, Buff-throated Apalis, Icterine Greenbul, Xavier’s Greenbul, Cameroon Sombre, Dusky Long-tailed Cuckoo, Chestnut Wattle-eye, Brown-eared Woodpecker, Rufous Flycatcher Thrush, Forest Robin, Whistling Cisticola, Black Bishop, Red-headed and Red-billed Quelleas, Magpie Mannikin, Blue-throated Roller, Yellow-billed Shrike, Red-headed Bristlebill, Paradise Flycatcher, Emerald Cuckoo and much more.

Accommodation options: Budongo eco lodge/Kabalega resort/Murchison backpackers

Day 19: Transfer to Kampala from Masindi town

 After an early breakfast, check out of your safari lodge and start a long drive to Kampala but you will have a stopover at Ziwa rhino sanctuary for rhino trekking and birding experience. Later you will have your hot lunch at Ziwa and proceed with your journey to Kampala. Check in the hotel for your dinner and relax the exhaustion days you had in the field as you experience Kampala night life.

Accommodation options: Sheraton hotel/casia lodge

Day 20: Drop off to Entebbe international airport

Take a leisure breakfast, and later visit the craft market to buy yourself a souvenir for yourself in a memory of the 20 days birding safari in Uganda. Drive to Entebbe international airport to catch up your flight and that will mark the end of the safari.