18 days Uganda gorilla Safari is basically spent looking for gorillas, lions, leopards, hippos, elephants, cape buffaloes, rhinoceroses, and other animals. It’s crucial to begin this wildlife and gorilla tour by observing animals ranging freely in several national parks, such as lions, leopards, and more, before you experience the sound and sight of gorillas.

Begin from Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary for the rhino trekking encounter before moving on to the national parks of Murchison Falls, Kibale Forest, Semuliki, and Queen Elizabeth. Trekking with gorillas and adaptation takes place in the national parks of the Bwindi and Mgahinga gorillas, after which you can unwind at Lake Bunyonyi. This activity list also includes bird watching, boat tours, and game drives. Entebbe International airport is where this journey begins and concludes.

Detailed Trip.

Day1: Kampala city tour

Meet and greet our corporate representative upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport, or at any other specified meeting location. There will be a lot of explanations regarding the safari as well as paperwork checking. The time has come to pay any outstanding debts before traveling to your lodge to relax.

The National Museum for a cultural and historical item is one stop on a full day Kampala tour, which you will also do. If not at the hotel, you will then have a leisurely lunch before returning for dinner and a tranquil nap after dusk.

Day 2: Rhino trekking at Ziwa and Murchison falls National Park

After a relaxing nap, you will check out and go to Masindi Town through to visit Murchison Falls National Park. You will have a one-hour break en route at the Ziwah Rhino sanctuary to search for Uganda’s sole white rhinoceros.

This activity lasts for about an hour, after which you will go to Masindi for lunch, dinner, and a siesta at your lodge. Beautiful scenery, crowded towns, and more may be found along the road leading to the park.

Day 3: Game drive and Boat cruise

On this day, plan to eat breakfast quickly before heading out for a game drive in the park’s northern region. The savannah grassland in the northern region is where animals can find shelter, food, and rest. The Uganda kobs, waterbuck, warthog, Cape buffalo, leopard, giraffe, and other animals may come your way, but you will need some luck to see the one you’ve always wanted to see. Following this, you will take a lunch break before embarking on a boat tour of the Nile, where you will see animals including hippos and crocodiles.

You can take pictures, enjoy one of the world’s most powerful waterfalls, and listen to the roaring waterfalls. The boat ride is set up so that you may marvel at the waves as they thunder through the 7-meter gorge to the Nile for around thirty minutes. The lodge is where you’ll eat and takes a nap.

Day 4: Depart Murchison falls national park to Kibale forest NP.

After breakfast, you will checkout of the lodge for a transfer to the primate capital of Africa. The journey takes approximately 9-10 hours, with a lunch break enroute. Dinner and a nap end this day’s program.

Day 5: Chimpanzee trekking and Bigodi swamp walk.

After breakfast, you’ll put on your trekking attire and proceed to the Kanyanchu park headquarters, where ranger guides will meet you and go over the dos and don’ts of trekking. The search itself takes between one and six hours, plus an additional hour for photos and question-and-answer sessions. They then accompany you for the hunt. Chimpanzees and humans have 99 percent of the same DNA, which accounts for much of their shared behavior and personality. You’ll smile and try to imitate one of the 27 new vocalists, eat vegetables, and live with your family. Other primates, like the black and white Columbus monkeys, vervet monkeys, grey-checked monkeys, and others, can be found in the same area.

After lunch, head back to the resort, and in the evening, spend time doing a guided nature walk around Bigodi Swamp. The area is home to more than 200 different bird species, as well as baboons, sitatungas, bushbucks, and other animals. After a stroll, you’ll head back to the lodge for dinner and a restful siesta.

Day 6: Visit Semuliki National Park.

Have a nice breakfast at the lodge after waking up, and then travel to Semliki National Park to see the birds, breathtaking scenery, Sempaya hot springs, and go on a forest walk. You will be greeted and informed by knowledgeable ranger guides, who will then accompany you on the tour, which lasts for about 6-7 hours and includes a picnic lunch. Over 450 different bird species may be found in Semliki National Park, the majority of which you will mark off your checklist.

You will also stroll to the well-known Sempaya hot springs, which are tucked away in a forest. Birds live there, and there are numerous rare plant species. The Sempaya hot springs reach a boiling point at which an egg may be boiled. From there you will return and have rest, followed by a transfer to your lodge for dinner and a peaceful nap.

Day 7: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

After enjoying the first dinner, check out of the lodge and take a transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park – the Medley of Wonders. With the breathtaking views of the luxuriant foliage and undulating hills, the journey lasts roughly two to three hours. When you get there, check in at the lodge and have lunch and refreshments. The day is done after dinner and before bed.

Day 8: Game drive and boat cruise.

After a pleasant snooze, get up very early the next morning to catch up with the hunters who have finished their shift and the prey who are making their way to the woods to graze. The game drive lasts for around three to four hours, and there are many animals to see along the way, including lions, leopards, Cape buffaloes, elephants, warthogs, and Uganda kobs. You’ll eat a bush breakfast out in nature before heading back to the resort for lunch.

After lunch, you’ll head to Kazinga Channel for a boat trip excursion. This activity lasts for around two to three hours, and it takes place in calm waters where you may observe hippos, crocodiles, and other aquatic wildlife coexisting. Dinner, a campfire experience, and a tranquil overnight should follow dinner.

Day 9: Depart Queen Elizabeth for Bwindi impenetrable National Park.

Wake up at your leisure for breakfast before dawn, then check out for a Transfer to the tree-climbing lion-inhabited Bwindi Impenetrable National Park by taking the Ishasha sector route. Before going to lunch, you will have a one-hour break in the area to go on a wildlife drive in the hopes of spotting some lions perched in the tree branches.

After lunch, drive to the park while seeing the sweeping hills, verdant greenery, and dense forest cover. Arrival and check-in at the lodge, followed by a delicious meal and a sound sleep.

Day 10: Gorilla trekking.

Following breakfast, you will drive to the park’s administrative center to meet the ranger guides and other gorilla enthusiasts. After receiving a briefing, you will be given a gorilla troop to track, beginning where they were last seen. The duration of this is between one and eight hours on foot, deep in the forest, plus an additional hour spent closely observing them.

Particularly the silverbacks keeping an eye on its family. You will enjoy their songs and appearance when you encounter them, therefore it is a task worth taking on. These apes resemble humans in more than 98 percent of their features.

After the gorilla encounter, have lunch, then head back to your lodge for refreshment. Then, engage in an optional activity, enjoy a bonfire, dinner, and a sound sleep.

Day 11: Transfer to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

After a hearty breakfast at the resort, set off on an excursion to see the gorillas, which takes somewhere between one and eight hours to complete on foot. On arrival, the ranger guides will go through the dos and don’ts of trekking before leading you to the jungle, where you will spend the majority of the day tracking deep within the forest. The apes are gregarious animals who spend the day foraging for food in the vegetation. The silverback, who is the family’s leader, is tasked with scouting out new lands and vegetation as well as guarding each troop member. Conflict with other families leads to fights.

On locating them, you will be given an extra hour for photography, ask questions about Gorillas, and more. After having time with your cousins, the Gorillas, you will drive to the lodge for refreshment, dinner and a peaceful nap.

Day 12: Golden monkey habituation experience.

This will be your day to spend with apes if you’ve ever fantasized of doing so. A day to feed, torch, and mock the antics of golden monkeys. Only the African continent is home to golden monkeys, and on typical treks, no one comes close to them. Habituation is when golden monkeys are trained to become accustomed to human presence and when the majority of golden monkeys- human related research is carried out. After a break for lunch, you’ll return to the lodge for dinner and a well-deserved nap.

Day 13: Batwa Pygmy encounters.

Go for a memorable encounter with a Batwa pygmy after enjoying a wonderful breakfast at the resort. The forest, where the Batwa pygmies’ ancestors spent a long time living, holds a special place in their hearts. You will be entertained by the Batwa pygmies through dance, storytelling, and a village visit. You will then have lunch at the lodge and unwind there before leaving. The day is done after dinner and before bed.

Day 14: Transfer to Lake Bunyonyi.

After a hearty breakfast at the lodge, check out and go to one of the deepest lakes on the African continent, Lake Bunyonyi. You can take in the magnificent views of the undulating hills, the scattered homesteads, and more. After arriving at your lodge in the afternoon for lunch, you can spend the rest of the day birdwatching or relaxing by the lake. After dinner and overnight, call it a day.

Day 15-17: Relax at lake Bunyonyi.

Each day, after a morning breakfast at the lodge, you will tour Lake Bunyonyi and the more than 27 islands that encircle it. In particular, the punishment Island, where the girls were sent for committing adultery and related crimes. In addition to these activities, Lake Bunyonyi offers swimming, bird watching, photography, and horseback riding during the course of the two days. After dinner, retire for the night.

Day18: Departure

The driver guide will collect you up from the lodge after you’ve had a mouthwatering breakfast and bring you to the Entebbe International Airport, Kampala, or any other drop-off location. To capture pictures and learn more about the line dividing the earth’s northern and southern hemispheres, you will have a halt at the equator while en route. There are just thirteen nations in the world where this equator line traverses.

End of safari