Gorilla trekking in Rwanda can be easier in comparison to other destinations however prices differs. The volcanoes national park of Rwanda that spans Uganda and Congo is a home to endangered mountain gorillas and its actually easy and accessible.  Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is 1500$, Uganda 700$ and Congo 400$ per per permit. Mountain gorillas are strictly monitored by well-trained ranger guides and each family is allocated to only 8particapants. Once they have be spotted, Participants are allowed only 1hours for viewing, photography, interacting with them and learning more about gorillas and conservation.

It’s usually recommended to book gorilla trekking permits atleast 3months in advance through a legit tour operator. A legit tour operator has daily information about permits availability and they keep you posted in case of changes like fares and so forth.

Gorilla trekking needs your fitness since you may reach at elevation of about 2000-3600mcan last for 1hour to 4hours depending on what type of food they are looking for, wealth and how peaceful they are in their family. Guest are required to assemble at park offices in kinigi for registration at 7am where participants are allocated to a family and are briefed about trekking rules and regulations.

There is always porters (support staff) who are hired on request to carry your backpack, push and pull you in the terrain, vines and bamboo shoots case of need. These porters are reformed poachers and they love assisting in conservation; ideally hiring one of them is very motivating and highly recommended.