Given the turbulent history of Rwanda, one may ask, whether Rwanda is safe for travel. Rwanda’s new government embarked on securing the borders of Rwanda and its people, having immerged from the shadows of the 1994 genocide. That said, Rwanda is generally peaceful and safe to travel except for ordinal petty crimes like any other city. Caution is always advised as bag snatching and theft may occur. Several foreign embassies continuously issue travel advisories that call for normal personal precaution while in Rwanda, an indication that the country is safe for travel.

Given the recent COVID-19 pandemic, one needs to adhere to extra health precautions.

What makes Rwanda safe?

Rwanda has strict law enforcement, which makes it a generally safe country. High security vigilance is the reason for its high-ranking safety. 

There is also a network of security cameras in major towns and the city to monitor crime and close the gap between the incident and authority’s reaction time.

People are generally calm and welcoming which is an assurance of safety for every tourist, even though local communities are generally conservative and may frown upon certain western behavior.

Some of the prohibited acts include photographing military installation or personnel, government buildings and divisive talk about the Rwanda genocide.

 Why is Rwanda a good tourist destination?

 A single journey to Rwanda can kick start an emotional journey and attachment to the country that one would keep coming back.

There is much more to the ‘the country of a thousand hills’ than initially meets the eye. Small, compact and easy to travel around, friendly Rwanda has well and truly consigned the tragic genocide of 1994 to history. The country has reconciled and rebounded spectacularly from this tragedy and today it is one of the friendliest, safest and most welcoming countries on the continent” writes a tourist whose thirst for Rwanda was duly satisfied. Such reviews speak volumes about the experience in tourists in Rwanda.

Besides safety and friendliness, Rwanda’s unique tourist features are definitely the most outstanding attractions that make it a good travel destination. Additionally, Rwanda’s government has committed astronomical amounts of resources to ensuring that the country is a top tourist destination. There has been emphasis of getting visitors to stay longer in Rwanda through discounts for longer days.

The country also targets luxury travelers through providing high-end luxury packages and experiences. While they are costly, the guest enjoys a top-notch treatment that leaves them fully satisfied. The hot air balloon in Akagera national park is one of those luxury experiences, which gives it a competitive edge over other parks in the region. This addition will attract more clients to the park, given that it is a perfect savannah place with all the big five.

The biggest draw is the opportunity to trek gentle mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. 1 Day Gorilla Trek in volcanoes Rwanda This experience is phenomenal, as the trek leads one up the mountain through thick bamboo forests for a life time opportunity to observe mankind’s closest primate after the chimpanzees.

The travel packages and itinerary are always tailor-made to suit travel needs of the guest such that they can get the best out of their stay in Rwanda. Such admirable techniques do attract luxury travelers.

Perhaps and most importantly is that every traveler who visits any place in Rwanda contributes to the social transformation of its people as tourism eclipsed coffee as the country’s biggest foreign exchange earner. Transparency of the government ensures that host communities directly benefit from the sacrifices they make to ensure that wildlife thrives. Many times, their farmlands are reclaimed for protection of wildlife.