Is it primates? The big five cats? Birds? Nature or plants? Uganda is the answer to your wildlife quest

Once described as the Pearl of Africa by the renowned Winston Churchill, Uganda offers a variety of wildlife for its visitors from all over the world. This landlocked country is located in east Africa and crossed by the equator.

Uganda ranks as one of the countries with the most hospitable people in the whole world, very welcoming and peaceful with different cultural beliefs. Due to the prevailing peace, good security and conservation efforts by the citizens living in this land, Uganda’s wildlife has greatly increased in different destinations in the country, not as it was in the past years were poaching, deforestation and bush burning was the order of the day.

In fact, the Uniqueness of this destination is that it gives you a chance of encountering the wildness in different places such as along the banks of different water bodies, for example, lake Bunyonyi, River Nile which is the longest river in the world and Lake Victoria among others, these water bodies offer you a chance of spotting different aquatic animals such as crocodiles and hippos enjoying their peace at the river banks and  not forgetting the different birds sing interesting melodies on the trees surrounding them.

Not ending there, Uganda also has 10 national parks that harbor various wildlife species, these include: Rwenzori Mountains National Park offering the most memorable hiking experience, Lake Mburo National Park  for unique gem viewing such as spotting the rare zebras and the Impalas, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park for moments with the only surviving mountain gorillas and precious Golden monkeys, Kibale Forest National Park for Chimpanzees, Murchison Falls National Park to listen to the thunder waterfalls, Queen Elizabeth National Park with the unique tree-climbing lions, Mountain Elgon National Park game drive, Semuliki National Park with its interest sempaya Hot springs and Kidepo valley National Park that exposes visitors to a wide range of wildlife species and gem.


As you visit the destinations mentioned, you will not miss sighting several primates such as the Chimpanzees, Columbus monkeys, Golden monkeys, vervet monkeys, baboons, and interesting the Mountain gorillas among others. This is a perfect destination that has stood a test of time and those who visited the primate world of Kibale forest and Bwindi or Mgahinga national park will testify


your wildlife safari will expose you to several gems in the wilderness such as Lions, cheetahs, leopards, maneless zebras, kudus, buffalos, Oryx, gazelle, elephants, giraffes, elands, roan antelopes, striped hyenas, jackals, hyenas, zebras, reedbucks, waterbucks, Uganda Kobs among others.


Uganda is home to several bird species in different place that cannot all be mentioned, in fact, the Birders that apart from those endemic to the Albertine region, there are many more that migrate from as far as Europe and other continents to just survive winter, breed or check on their counterparts, this fact alone makes Uganda a birders perfect choice. The Ugandan wilderness has a lot that cannot be exhausted by words but rather adventure, some of the bird species include: Ostriches, Superb Starling, Vinaceous Dove, Brown-backed Woodpecker, Little Green Bee-eater, Long-tailed & Standard-winged Nightjars, White-bellied Tit, Mosque Swallow, Karamoja Apalis, Nubian Woodpecker, Pygmy Falcon, African Grey Flycatcher s, the shoebill and many more

Uganda’s wildlife safaris are now returning as the prime activity for all the tourists to the ‘pearl of Africa’ picking-up from the shadows of Uganda’s dark history. The majority of those guests who have visited this destination say Uganda remains one of the safest destinations in Africa worth exploring, you will find much more than the wilderness such as the cultured that give you cultural performances and also the interesting nightlife experiences among others.

With a great of landscapes, hospitality, excellent wildlife watching points, Uganda is the place to visit. It has Africa’s tallest mountain range (the Rwenzori’s), the source of the Nile while which takes three months to pour its water in the red sea as well the world’s longest river in the world, and the continent’s largest lake (L. Victoria). There are interesting activities such as white water rafting the Nile but the tracking mountain gorillas in their misty habitat. Indeed, there is a lot of Biodiversity, Just check your bucket-list and add Uganda as your next Destination.