Do you desire to know how life on water/ river is from a new opinion? Visit Uganda for white water rafting in the mighty running rapids of the River Nile, as you partake the pair of fins strapped to your feet and a body-board to hold onto!!

Uganda’s white-water rafting industry is still new with the first paddler taking on the rapids in 1996; since then, the rafting adventure has been developing greatly with the extension of rapids on the Nile getting to a world-class rafting destination with several prevailing and unending rapids on earth.

The mighty size of water forms horrifying rapids that provide a remarkable rafting challenge comparable to that of the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe

White water rafting is experienced in row‐rafts, everyone onboard forms of a team with the professional guide captaining the team. Instructions are made clear and diverting from it is dangerous, paddlers are told how to control themselves perfectly to enjoy each passing minute on the water and as well as observing all aspects of safety such as the use of safety kayaks which accompany every raft trip on the water.

Indeed, safety is the priority and well-trained safety kayakers who are world-class in doing what they know best expertly pilot their kayaks through the rapids ahead of the raft.  When the rafts turnover upside down overboard, they are available to offer help in calming the situation

The experience is this exciting, as you get on board with your stick and life jacket, the first few kilometers the rapids are slow as the guide will be taking that opportunity to take you through the training in all aspects of rafting. As you advance, the blood vessels start pumping blood very fast, as you draw nearer the real task where the river becomes more adventurers. Also, as the rafts proceed to the wild waters reserve, the rare flora and fauna of the mid‐stream islands of the Nile are protected, travelers could choose to stay longer but the more you delay, the more the rapids become larger and more spectacular. This is a very powerful destination for rafting in the whole world.

Rafting adventure is done in a small district of Uganda – Jinja which is also home to the source of the Nile – world’s longest river, the rafting activity has become Uganda’s tourist attraction as visitors come from all the world as well as domestic all to enjoy the experience. Jinja is referred to as ‘adventure capital of East Africa’, white water fans have been rafting here more than 10 years and still longing for more with new versions being introduced all year round.

It is an activity done by both armatures who have never been on a river before to the real experts who call it part of life. The Nile rapids are the typical pool‐drop river with deep, calm pools crossing between powerful and interesting rapids and several waterways. The numerous rapids between the fascinating mid‐river islands allow the expert guides to select milder options for fearing to engage in certain dunking in the river.

The volume of the rapids rafted on this stretch of the Nile is approximately 1 – 5. In every grade, you decide whether to go the hard way (through the middle) or the easy way (around the edge). This decision arrives through a vote that is done before setting off, though, it might not be the case every time since things turn out the way you expected. The thing is everyone on the paddle has to follow the right direction and failure to do so; the set target will not be achieved.

You can also choose to go rafting as a family, to enjoy the wonderful experience together; the biggest and wildest rapids in the world, very exciting will drift rapidly between the beautiful forested islands, down smaller rapids as you explore the different channels of the river.

All the rafters are given helmets and high resilience life jackets designed to bring you to the surface and allow you to swim to safety through the rapids. A shared water‐tight case is carried in the raft for sun‐cream, medical essentials, and first aid supplies among others.

Some other essentials during your rafting safari include; swimsuit, a pair of sandals and shorts to wear on the river, changing outfit, cameras – to be protected from water the while on the river, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a grin among others.

With the amazing rapids and eye-catching river with high level its matchless offers such as space, landscape and nature, particularly the many species of birds. Let this be your next destination.