Rhino trekking is done at Ziwa rhino sanctuary, the sanctuary is located 150km west of capital kampala on way to famous Murchison fall national park and its accessible by car or motorcycle however hiring a tour guide/driver to take you there is a good thought.

Uganda as a country had lost rhino in the early 70s until they were introduced again in 1998 on 70sp land run by Rhino fund Uganda ”a non profit making organization” that aimed at re introducing white rhino to the country. Their breeding program started with 6rhinos and they have been successful since then with 48rhino today in this sanctuary

Major mission for this project is to create safe environment so that rhinos can multiply and be distributed to other conservation areas in the country for future generation. Community empowerment program has be developed to inform Ugandans and visitors about rhinos protection and to remain uganda’s  rich heritage.

The sanctuary is a home to a number birds species, reptiles and over 40 mammals including hippos, waterbucks, bushbucks and monkey among others. The sanctuary also has a accommodation and restaurant where you will meals during your visit