Tea and coffee are provided from around 7.00 am for gorilla tracking visitors assembled in Kinigi. In 2018 entertainment is provided by a large TV screen showing daily experiences and happy trackers.

In Rwanda, your gorilla family will be assigned to you at the early morning briefing. The fitter (and more willing!) you are, the more likely you are to be allocated a gorilla family that involves a longer trek. The rangers assess you according to your health, general fitness, age and interests.

Gorilla tracking in Rwanda generally starts with a 45 minute walk up gently sloping farmland. The backdrop of the volcanoes is spectacular and the air is pure. As you approach the park entrance, the ground becomes steeper and thick with bamboo.

Depending on the group you are with, your total tracking time will take 30 minutes to four hours or more (in either direction). Generally, gorilla tracking is the same experience in all locations both Uganda, Rwanda and DRC