Uganda didn’t get the title Pearl of Africa through gambling or bribing Winston Churchill,
but he was sold by the hair rising flora and fauna sighted in its parks, breathtaking
landscapes, the adrenaline spike activities that can be engaged in while on the safaris
in this beautiful country and among other fascinating enchantresses that can be seen
while in the country. The following activities are ranked among those that take tourists
beyond cloud nine while ensuing a safari to Uganda.

  1. Gorilla trekking 9 days gorilla trekking adventure in Uganda
    Awe-inspiring views of the spectacular endangered mountain gorillas can be more than
    remarkable if the tourists’ destination is either Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga
    national park.
    Amidst the era when these gorillas are untraceable in most parts of the world, the pearl
    providentially harbors half of the population of these gigantic apes, that’s why mountain
    gorilla enthusiastic find their way to the country to get a glimpse of our closely related
    kith and kins that inhabit into impenetrable forests and undulating mountains in their
  2. Chimpanzee tracking
    Chimps tracking works as good as gorilla trekking because the two creatures are all
    from the ape family. The beauty about tracking chimps is that while these primates
    bounce up and down from tree to tree, tourists are obviously over joyed and can watch
    this fascinating scene for as much as they please since there is no limit on the time
    spent with chimps as it is with tourists’ forest dense verdant green trees provide the best
    place for tracking these champs but Murchison falls and Queen Elizabeth national park
    cannot disappoint a chimpanzee lover.
  3. Game drive 8 Days Uganda gorillas and Wildlife safari.
    Trekking is an enormous adventure but the faint- hearted cannot handle the challenging
    terrain and the tree the long tree branches that tend to reach out to the sky but instead
    slap tourists on their trails. Such challenges are all skipped when a tourist sits
    comfortably in a vehicle and uses binoculars to have sights of the animals.

Watching the wild while in the comfort of your safari vehicle is done in all the game
parks around the country. Watching wilderness in the middle of the dark is just one
distinctive breathtaking activity. Because as the dark spreads, it goes along with the
shyness nature of the animals. They get closer to humans by clinging around their
vehicles. The frantic screams given off by wildlife such as lions are not only frightening
but also give confidence to the tourists that traveling is worth spending money on.

  1. Boat cruise
    Because the country has numerous shimmering water bodies that’s why considering a
    voyage on them is something meritorious. Whether it’s a water trip, game drive over
    water, sport fishing, tourists shouldn’t have any doubt because all these breath-taking
    activities are understood while in the country.
    Boat cruises from Queen Elizabeth are usually done on Kazinga channel while enjoying
    views of tremendous waves that are sent to the shores as the gigantic hippopotamuses
    open their mouths snorting before sinking down underneath the water. Besides the
    Kazinga channel, Murchison falls, Lake Mburo and the source of R. Nile can all provide
    for this interesting activity.
  2. White water rafting 2 Days Uganda White Water Rafting Safari in Jinja
    An electrifying experience on the bright clear and glinting waters in Uganda is what
    white-water rafting is all about. Visitors are pleased about exploring the source of R.
    Nile but feeling the power of the Nile while in the middle of its flawless rapids will
    increase the adrenaline of the travelers in a beguiling way.
    This hair rising activity is famously done in Jinja which harbors the sources of the Nile
    but it has been adopted in Murchison falls that is on the Victoria Nile before it beguiles
    into Lake Albert. A white-water rafting tour in addition to other activities like bungee
    jumping, canoeing, sport fishing among others.
  3. Mountain biking
    Tourists get to encounter the thrill of the craggy mountains in the Pearl of Africa.
    Though craggy and seem as those their destinations pierce the sky, tourists should be
    credulous that these trails are quite interestingly feasible and all they need besides a

passport is booking the bike alongside other safety precautions to be ready to hit the
road hard in an amazing way.
Rotating around hills and mountains gives spectacular views while bikers enjoy views
from the community. Famous trails are around Bwindi, Sipi falls, around Lake Victoria
but a unique trail is one taken in Karamoja considering the fact that the place is
basically fry and flat.

  1. Cultural tours
    Diversely grouped into 50 ethnic groups, tourists definitely have a lot to learn from the
    different art and craft, norms, fishing technique among others. A visit in the central will
    introduce the tourists to the fascinating culture of the Bantu whose are mainly farmers, a
    safari to the North exposes the tourists to the Nilotics whose cultural interests are
    skewed to cattle rearing and the westerners who widely engage in both cattle keeping
    and crop growing.
    The most famous cultural trails include the Batwa cultural experience around Bwindi
    and Mgahinga, the Gishu with their kadodi dance that prompts even people from other
    cultures to engage in, the baganda culture is also worth exploring because their kings
    have special tombs and a lot more dazzling beauty can be witnessed from this trail, a
    visit to the Sipi falls enroutes the Sabiny cultural tours who gain prestige from
    circumcision their girls which is something peculiarly done from most cultures. Engaging
    in these cultural practices like weaving, fishing and other cultural activities are
    worthwhile and the beauty about them is that a tourists can just engage them alongside
    other safaris.
  2. Hiking and nature walks
    Considering the fact that gorillas harbor in mountains, hiking is partially what tourists
    experience while tracking these magnificent apes but a lot more of this activity can be
    enjoyed on its own from the historic mountains that are spread all over the country.
    Alpinists should consider craggy and vigorous walks on the mountain of the moons, Sipi
    falls, mountain Elgon as the prominent hiked mountains while enjoying the tantalizing

breeze and ambience of the mountains as the climbers aim higher and higher as though
their destination is the sky.
While hiking is for individuals who want to be remembered by the lions’ heart, a light
and more similar activity is available but on a flat and manageable ground. Trailing is
another interesting activity that is similar to hiking but it’s undertaken in areas like
Semuliki Valley trails, Queen Elizabeth National Park nature walks, Batwa cultural walks
and others. The beauty about hiking and trailing is that tourists sight the surrounding in
its natural appearance and can engage with other safaris while on the trail.
The epitome of tourism in Uganda are the prestigious mountain gorillas that are extinct
in most parts of the world but surprisingly Uganda harboring half of their population.
However, missing a safari on gorillas is not the end and death of a travel trip to Uganda
because the pearl of Africa has a lot more dazzling enchantress activities that can offer
more or less excitement to the tourists just like what a gorilla trekking safari can offer.