There is a lot to explore and do while in Rwanda given the fact that it’s a small land-locked County in Africa but with diverse touristic attractions. This country is known as the land of a thousand hills due to the different and beautiful hills surrounding the county hence appealing to view. This is one of the East African countries surrounded by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, and DR Congo. Also, Rwanda is known for its beautiful people, the mountain gorillas, Lake Kivu beaches and the recent genocide history.

Rwanda, therefore, has a lot to explore while on your African or Rwanda safari and these, therefore, range from water bodies, wildlife, hospitable and welcoming people, physical features like the endless hills and Volcano mountains and much more. Therefore, there are manmade and natural attractions that you can enjoy while in Rwanda and therefore, you take part in the following activities such as;

The mighty Kigali genocide memorial centre is also known as the Rwanda genocide memorial grounds. Every tourist would love to visit this genocide museum which holds over thousands of people who were brutally murdered by the Hutu extremists before heading to the beautiful national parks. Learn more about the political history of Rwanda in the past, during and after the 1994 genocide. Also, watch the short videos about this sad historical event and this will be the saddest moment. For those who are short-hearted, you cannot fail to cry.

Gorilla trekking adventure which is done in only Volcanoes National Park located in the Virunga massif. Gorilla trekking is the most sought activity while on Rwanda safari and this takes about 2 to 6 hours while in the jungle but always an hour is granted to you in the presence of the gorillas having a great photographic moment as you witness their behaviours and movements. There is a lot to explore while on this experience such as the plant species, bird species the rugged terrain and much more.

Local dance performances or entertainment is mostly organized by most hotels in Kigali city or visiting the Iby’iwacu cultural village. Near Volcanoes national park or Intore dance troupe. The dancers who are the Banyarwanda dance with a lot of eagerness, and energy, while smiling at the guests showing happiness and excitement to receive you in their country. This is normally interrupted by storytelling, folk stories and much more. Visitors are encouraged to join the dance since it’s experiential activity on your safari but it’s not a must to participate in the dance. While on your Rwanda gorilla safari, don’t miss out to add the traditional dances in your package to taste the real African culture.

Golden monkey trekking in Volcanoes National Park suits primate lovers. There are rare species among the 20 primate species in the world. They get their name from the golden punches they have on their body and they can only be found in the bamboo forests of Virunga massif (Virunga Conservation Area). Trekking a Troup of golden monkeys is not limited to any number and what you can do is book your trekking permit with us and sit back to get the best golden monkey trekking experience.

Chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe forest national park where you come to encounter our close relatives for an hour in their presence. Watch over them and discover as you learn about these apes. While in Nyungwe National Park, you will encounter the famous canopy walk where you have a chance to be on a bridge suspended on top of a forest as you watch over the different primates and bird species.

Visit Akagera National Park and take part in the drive, boat cruise and hot air ballooning this will introduce you to the watch-over wildlife including the big five animals. Each activity takes about 2 to 3 hours but will be of great experience while enjoying the wildlife in the Savannahs of the only national park in Rwanda.

Other things to do in Rwanda are visiting the local markets like Kimironko market, hiking Mount Kigali, visiting the palace museum of the former president, visiting Dian Fossey’s tomb, bird watching, visiting the tea plantation, relaxing at the shores of Lake Kivu, visit the Nyamata church, visit the twin lakes which are Burera and Ruhondo, visit the gorilla guardian village and much more.