In the event where all countries around the world are fighting very hard with all means  possible to prevent the deadly  covid-19. Rwanda has managed it very well, Why? Because gorilla trips in the volcanoes N.park are open as usual and Rwanda has changed its usual tricks to new technical pandemic fights and that’s a sign of stopping it, The country deployed robots which aid in fighting corona virus, a deadly global pandemic that has caused all the ventures to stand still to date! The Anti-Corona virus Robots have been installed to kanyinya treatment Centre in Kigali city to enhance health service delivery system.

Robots will be performing the following duties;

  • Monitoring covid-19 patients
  • Temperature screening for all the patients.
  • Delivering food to the inpatient wards.
  • Record keeping for all corona patients in the country.
  • Delivering medications to covid-19 patients.

Status of corona virus in the country.

First corona virus positive case was recorded on march 2020, From that time cases kept increasing rapidly and since then the country closed its boarders  with total country lockdown and ministry of health did good job to control with strict measures to stop virus spread however they was some cases and deaths like any other country that hit by this deadly pandemic. The country later on it eases lockdown slowly and opened airports, transports and other business. While the country closed its airports and borders, the already booked and confirmed gorilla trip and wildlife trip to Rwanda were rescheduled to some other dates till virus was reduced with strict measures.  Later on tourism was opened and gorilla tracking is going on as usual. Potential guests can book their gorilla trip anytime and sometimes it sounds as if you booked a private gorilla trek safari because they are so many travellers.