The Virunga mountains are a real treasure for Uganda, DR Congo and Rwanda but Rwanda
reaps more benefits of these volcanoes because while it straddles between these two countries,
the apogee is found in the cleanest country in Africa. Mother and daughter got on very well
indeed because just like Virunga the parent range, 4 Days Rwanda Gorillas & Bisoke Hiking Safari Bisoke is also a volcano with its last eruption
occurring in 1957. Thanks to the presence of eruptions in the mountain that two magnificent
crater lakes have emerged and are the origin of the name Bisoke which means soaked with water.
Whilst the mountain has no snow capes, tourists should just get their passports ready because
there are so much globetrotting features that can be sighted on a safari to this glorious mountain
with some of the activities involved in explained below.
Hiking enthusiasts shouldn’t think twice about booking a safari to Bisoke because since it has the
largest crater lake on the Virunga, it offers to die for trekking experience. Two walking trails are
available each leading to the two different craters on the mountain but the most fascinating one is
that one that finds its way to the mountain summit.
Adrenaline rush is a must for this trail since it done on steep but walkable faces and takes over 6
hours depending on the hiker’s speed. The tourists will obviously be at fever pitch while finding
their way to the peak through the four hours of galloping on the mountain steep slopes and just
two hours of sloping down from the summit. Weak- hearted tourists shouldn’t lose heart because
the mountain offers a short trail to lake Ngezi that takes only three hours with 2 hours used for
accessing the lake, just one hour is used to descend back from the trek.
Primate tracking
One of the three widely known homes for the gigantic gorillas is Virunga hence tracking these
extinct apes is something that shouldn’t miss on the to do list of a tourist whose destination is
Bisoke. Besides the prestigious mountain gorillas, golden monkey trails are also accessed
through the thick lush green shrubs and vegetations found on the mountain.
Nature walks from Hagenia hypericum forest and Senecio-lobelia bush
Humans are definitely attracted to beauty but the enchantress bought about by the lush green
vegetation found in this forest is one to die for. The meadows of the bamboo forests are vital as
they are a basis on which the rarely found mountain gorillas survive. The green beautiful scenery
shouldn’t be under looked by photographers and nature addicts because while the tantalizing
breeze brought by the verdant green of the forest is not lifeless as it might seem to be, they will
also be sold to believe that life is a trip but travelling is living twice.
Dian Fossey tomb site
Virunga mountain tourists usually complement their independent safaris in the mountains with a
visit to this tomb as they get to learn more about a primatologist named Dian Fossey for her

ground breaking protection she levied to the gorillas in the park. This hike involves reaching out
to the house where Dian Fossey was murdered from and concluded off from her graveyard with
the stunning fact being that she was buried next to Digit who was her favorite mountain gorilla
together with other 20 mountain gorillas that were mainly killed by poachers or died due to other
Wildlife in Mount Bisoke.
While Rwanda still counts its blessings for having two of the extinct groups of apes, Bisoke
harbors other wildlife species like forest elephants, duikers, buffaloes over 178 bird species.
Therefore, a safari to Bisoke is worthwhile because tourists cannot visit this mountain and they
remain with the same experience because whatever their eyes get glued on is just the stunning
nature of this mountain.
Hiking fee for Mountain Bisoke.
The breath-taking panoramic views chanced at the summit of mountain Bisoke can only be
accessed after the tourists have purchased hiking permits that go for $75 per person including the
tourist guide. There is no need for early bird booking of these permits hence tourists can access
them on the hiking day before ascending. Also, they should have it at the back of their minds that
hiking fees excludes porters’ fees therefore they should pay a fee of about 10-20 $ in situations
where they want helpers to carry their luggage.