Lwiro primate sanctuary is located in southern east part of Congo, a tropical rain forest near kahuzi beiga national park famous for its lowland gorillas. The sanctuary has about 85 chimpanzees and 106 monkeys however a lot of other species can be seen here such as porcupine, different bird species  and turtles. The sanctuary located 4km away from Kahuzi Biega and a nearby town/city is called Bukavu. It’s a great place however being located in unstable political region, it does host about 2000-3000 guests annually.

The sanctuary has been at the forefront of providing shelter and care to orphaned chimpanzees and since then other conservation NGOs have joined in to sensitize communities about conservation and the best place for chimpanzee rehabilitation centre. Lwiro primate sanctuary was recognized at world heritage site in 1997 and the centre has about 46 workers taking care of chimps on daily basis  who are veterinary team, care givers, cooks, buyers and domestic aid for the success of the centre and the centre is open for tourism and you can include it while visiting gorillas in Kahuzi-Biega National Park