One of the few places in the world containing these unique animals—the gorillas, which are the closest living cousins of humans and share more than 98 percent of their DNA—is the Democratic Republic of Congo. The republic of Uganda, Rwanda, and other nations are neighbors of the nation, which is located in central Africa. Travel is secure because of the country’s rather steady security status. The locals are exceedingly kind and eager to welcome visitors to their national parks that feature gorillas.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, you will have it all: distinctive, cozy, and enjoyable experience. With a luxury gorilla trek, you will spend quality time with gorillas in their native habitat, which is only accessible with the trained ranger guides’ permission. You receive the nicest lodging, incredible transportation, tastier cuisine, and more at your location with this trip. This is more than simply a morning activity; it’s a lifetime journey. Regardless of how luxury is defined, a luxurious gorilla trip in Congo is much safer, more in-depth, and unforgettable. We provide custom luxury transfers for you both on land and in the air.

Early in the morning, when the apes have just woken up and are on the move in search of vegetation and new territories, gorilla trekking is conducted. At the park headquarters, the ranger guides welcome each tourist and give them a briefing on the dos and don’ts of trekking. The exercise of trekking begins with a stop at the location where the apes were last spotted. The duration of this excursion is between one to eight hours, with an additional hour for photography and up-close gorilla viewing.

Luxury Gorilla trekking Destinations in D.R. Congo.

Virunga national park

The endangered mountain gorillas, which are only found in three countries worldwide—Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo—live in Virunga National Park. One of Africa’s oldest and biggest national parks is located here. It provides refuge to aquator of all of the mountain gorilla species, of which you will follow one of the families. The early morning activities begin under the supervision of knowledgeable Ranger guides who share gorilla tales.

Kahuzi-Biega National Park

The eastern Lowland gorillas live here. It is year-round open to visitors and is situated in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Although they are members of the same family as mountain gorillas, eastern lowland gorillas differ slightly from them. Getting to know these species is a memorable and unique experience.

Cost of luxury Gorilla trekking safari in Congo

A valid gorilla trekking permit must be obtained from either a fully registered travel operator in Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, or in Congo in order to trek the gorillas. It costs $400 USD per person, per day, to obtain the necessary Congo Gorilla Trekking Permit. Only those who are at least 15 years old and are free of the flu, a cough, or any other contagious ailments are eligible.

A gorilla family can only be tracked by a maximum of 8 individuals per day. The fee for this activity supports the park’s ranger guides as well as conservation activities and the well-being of the surrounding communities.

All trekkers are required to follow the trekking dos and don’ts, and breaking them can result in penalties in order to protect you, the gorillas, and the surrounding ecosystem. The rules include not littering the park, refraining from acting like gorillas, keeping a 7-8-meter distance from gorillas, not making noise, refraining from staring into their eyes, spending no more than an hour with gorillas, refraining from running in case an ape approach or screams at you, and waiting for instructions from your ranger guide. Although gorillas are quiet, they do react if they feel threatened.

Best time for a Luxury Gorilla trekking in Congo

Although gorilla trekking is possible throughout the year, for the ultimate in luxury, we choose the finest months. months with little or no rain and other ideal trekking circumstances. June through early September and December through February are these times. The discomfort of madness, freezing, and other things accompany the rains.

The key benefit of going on a hike in a favorable month is that there is less risk of unexpected rain, and the gorillas are much more likely to be there because they are looking for food and a place to build their nests.

What to carry on a Gorilla trekking safari?

Although it may seem like an easy choice, choosing what to bring on a gorilla trekking safari is a considerable undertaking. Everything depends on how long your journey is. A professional camera, fine binoculars, gloves for your hands, a long-sleeved shirt, pants, mosquito repellant, travel documents, long stockings, sturdy hiking shoes, warm clothing, and more should also be packed in addition to personal effects.

You can also hire porters to assist you with carrying your belongings from the beginning to the completion of a trekking exercise.