Every tourist is cautious about his or her life and this calls for security and good health while at a visited destination. Uganda as a tourism destination is among the safest place in Africa and is known for its long-time peace since 1986 when HE president YK Museveni came to power. This country has diverse attractions one can spot while on African safari and mong others are the unique and diverse culture, for example, the Batooro and Batwa, mountain-like Rwenzori mountains, wild animals like the big five, big primates like the mountain gorillas, water bodies like the Lake Bunyonyi and Lake Victoria and many more.

There are different factors one can consider to determine the peace and security of the country and these are as follows. This will show you that Uganda as a tourism destination can be visited any time of the year.

Relationship with its neighbours, Uganda is on good terms with all the surrounding countries and these are Kenya to the west, Tanzania to the south, Rwanda to the southwest, and the Democratic Republic of Congo also known as Congo Kishansa to the west and South Sudan to the north. This can be witnessed during the cross-border trade, support in any way either food or military in case of disasters. There have been no scenarios like inter-border conflict between Uganda and any other neighbouring country.

Safety and security, like in any other country in the world, there are small scenarios like snatching your bag in the streets of big cities like Kampala, home robbery, pick pocketing and more occur. The chances to be one is low since you will be advised to follow some procedures like avoiding crowded areas, walking alone at night and also, and avoiding walking in unfamiliar places. Different bodies provide security to tourists and nationals and these are the Uganda police force, Uganda People’s Defense Force and the Uganda Wildlife Authority Park rangers.

In terms of diseases outbreak, Uganda is so curious about cabbing down the situation in the case that scenario happened for example the recent Covid-19 outbreak. Other diseases that Uganda had to control are Cholera, Ebola and many more. In case there is an outbreak of any infectious disease in the neighbouring country, Uganda closes its borders to protect its people and tourists.

The nature of the people of Uganda, this country is also known as the pearl of Africa comprises over 50 unique cultures. They are all hospitable and welcoming to guests in the country and this means that while on your visit, you will take a community tour of one of the cultures and be entertained through cultural dances and music as you taste the traditional dishes. Some cultures provide simple accommodations inform of guest houses and inns.

Traffic and road safety, there are limited road accidents in the country mostly on tourist vehicles. Accidents can be avoided when you observe and follow sign rules and traffic signs therefore while driving in Uganda, always note that you will meet careless drivers, livestock, and poor road conditions mostly in villages and national parks. You are advised to drive on the left-hand side but with our company, our safari guides are highly skilled and experienced and they are so conversant with the roads. You are therefore advised to feel at home and enjoy your journey and the safari as a whole.

Disasters, as all countries face a problem of environmental hazards such as heavy rains and drought. Mostly, heavy rains lead to an outbreak of diseases such as cholera, Ebola and many more. Also, there is food insecurity caused by the disaster but in Uganda, it’s another case apart from the northern part of the country which is a desert area. Other parts of the country produce food that supplies the whole country. Landslides happen in a few parts of the country such as the Bududa eastern part of the country.

Are you dreaming to visit the pearl of Africa? Don’t hesitate to contact us since Uganda is a safe tourist destination to take a safari.