Am I safe if am in Dr Congo? How safe is DR Congo? What are the security precautions in the Democratic Republic of Congo? Are there wars in Dr Congo?

Tourists normally have different questions in their heads about safety and security while on their safari to this attractive destination. DR Congo is known for civil unrest caused by the M23 rebels. Since there has been growth in the tourism sector, spearheaded by different tourist attractions, DR Congo now has boosted its security by deploying the police forces and the army in the country. Also, the neighbouring countries are in good terms such as Uganda and Rwanda which has greatly provided military support to ride away the rebels.

While on your DR Congo safari, you can do a lot such as gorilla trekking in Virunga national park for mountain gorillas and Kahuzi-Biega national park for the eastern low land gorillas. Hiking is possible for example on Mt Nyirangongo the most active Volcanoes in Africa, visit the Goma town and the beaches on Lake Kivu among others. For those who love birds, bird watching experience is possible mostly around Lake Kivu and in the national parks.

Our expert team always organizes the best Congo safari and this means that you are on the safe side if you choose our company to take you around DR Congo. In general, there was an end to civil wars in DR Congo in 2003, security remains unpredictable but the truth is tourist destinations are visited at a high rate. All you need is to register with your embassy and have all the required documents such as Congo visa, passport and yellow card.

While in this great African country, you are advised not to walk alone, especially ladies. You are advised to walk on the streets of towns and cities with the guidance of the local guide and our company is ready to help you since it’s collaborating with the locals in Dr Congo and other safari companies hence making your stay comfortable.

Road safety and traffic laws, you are advised to follow traffic rules and regulations while using the road and there are a lot of muddy roads which means that are poorly maintained roads in the country. You are advised to stick on the main routes/roads to be on the safer side locking doors and windows and again always don’t keep your valuables in the vehicle. You are also advised to use private taxis, not public taxis. This is due to thieves tend to rob visitors by pretending that they are tax operators.

In health history, DR Congo is known to be the most affected by diseases such as Ebola, cholera and many more. This has been cubed down through the support of the different non-organization bodies and the neighboring countries. This calls to travel with a health insurance card and this will be of great adventure while on your gorilla safari in Africa. Some organizations provide mobile clinics or health services which means that there is a high health response in case of any scenario.

Environmental hazards, this country has the two most active Volcanoes and these are Mount Nyamuragira and Mount Nyirangongo. This means that they can any time for example Mt Nyirangongo which erupted in May 2021. This left thousands of people homeless and killing livestock around Goma town.

The people in Congo are welcoming and hospitable and they have set up great hotels and lodges around the attraction sites hence making you feel safe. They also organize short tours such as city tours in Goma, hiking, Visiting Lake Kivu and much more. They also organize traditional music and dances in a way of welcoming and entertaining the visitors.

Therefore, the safest parts of DR Congo that you can visit are tourist areas such as Virunga national park, Goma, Bukavu and the capital Kishansa. You are always given an armed ranger to protect you. This means that to be on the safer side, you need to book your safari through a recognized tour operator that will be well to plan the best safari as you are safe.