Covid-19 has affected the way we have been handling ours and travel business in Uganda and globally. Epic Uganda Vacation has managed covid-19 during our safaris by setting up SOPs (Standard Operating procedures) to cub down the spread of virus without interrupting the quality of service to our guests.

Our Chief Experience Officers(CEO) who are tour guides undergo a covid-19 test before a trip starts and they are being vaccinated. Also our guests are advised to carry a pairs f masks to wear while on our trips and they get tested on arrival at before the trip starts and at the trip before departure flights.

Our safari vehicles are fitted with sanitizers or alcohol hand based wash for use by our guests. Our guests do disinfect with alcohol based hand wash on daily basis while on tour. We also work with accommodation facilities that follow SOPS sent by ministry of health, and ministry of tourism.

We therefore invite you to our Uganda exciting journeys, we do put safety to our esteemed guests first so that you can enjoy the real safari experience and lasting spectacular journeys that will live to stay. Check out our exciting journeys from our website or mail us today for tailored journeys for more information.