Have you ever thought of taking a group safari in Africa? Did you know that taking a group safari in Rwanda is one of the memorable experiences in your lifetime?

Rwanda is a country located in the Eastern part of Africa bordered by countries like Uganda in the North, Tanzania in the East, the Democratic Republic of Congo in the west and Burundi in the South. Rwanda a land of a thousand hills is well blessed with a lot of physical features, beautiful scenery, endless landscapes and her welcoming people.

Rwanda, is one of the countries you should not forget to include on your itinerary as you are coming to Africa for research, cultural encounter, students’ tour, family tour, primates watching safari, honeymoon, group safari and more. Among all these, group safaris become the best because you will incur fewer costs, make new friends, have fun, learn how to associate with different people and enjoy stories from their country as they enjoy yours.

Our company has been organizing group safaris in Rwanda for years and they have all been successfully depending on the feedback we get from the ones who have done it, let it be for schools, institutions, families and couples. It can either be for schools, families, couples or even organisations among others.

Our group safaris are organized depending on the interests of the group, age, marital status religion to mention but a few. While on your group safari, you can visit various places like national Parks among is volcanoes national Park for mountain gorilla and golden monkey trekking which will take 2-8 hours in search for these endangered mountain gorillas and golden monkeys but when found, you will be allowed to spend one hour in their presence as you watch their behaviours.

Akagera National Park for game viewing and looking at the big five animals which include elephants, lions, leopards, rhinoceros and buffaloes as well as other mammals like zebras, waterbucks, duikers, hippopotamus and many others. For the case of birders, you should not miss to bird from this park as you will be looking at birds like Rwenzori batis, papyrus gonolek, hornbills and several others.

Nyungwe Forest National Park for chimpanzee trekking and primate watching and you will be able to look at primates like red-tailed monkeys, blue monkeys, vervet monkeys and crowned monkeys among others, you will also do a canopy walk which becomes more interesting while in a group and you will take more than enough photos because of the good view. You can as well relax your minds while on lake Kivu.

You should not mind much about the accommodation while on your group safari because no matter how big the group is, all the accommodations are available ranging from budget to mid-range and then luxury. You can either choose a budget, mid-range or luxury hotels, inns, hostels and lodges, if you are not interested in all of these, you can opt to camp because camping becomes sweeter in a group when it comes to the campfire at night.

Visiting Rwanda in a group throughout the year is possible but becomes better during the sunny season in June to September and December to February when all the trails in the forest are accessible but you can choose to come during the rainy season from March to May and October to November. During this season, lodges offer discounts.

You should not forget to come along with nice jungle shoes which will help you move through the forest trails well, binoculars for seeing the far away attractions, cameras for taking photos and others. You should not worry about how to reach Rwanda though it is a landlocked country, it is having Kigali International Airport and the neighboring countries can access Rwanda for a group safari through its borders.

For your best and memorable group safari in Rwanda, book with us.